Baby Cowboy Hat: Printable Crochet Pattern Adaptations for Shaping


Pink Crocheted Cowboy Hat


There’s been a lot of interest in this little crocheted cowboy hat!  As a little gift of love, I made a printable version of my pattern adaptations for you.

Keep in mind:

  • A size G hook is good for a doll hat.
  • You’ll probably want to use a larger hook for a real live baby’s hat.
  • The pattern was developed – and tweaked – with charities and gifts in mind.
  • Please do not sell the pattern – or the adaptations.

PRINTABLE adaptations, along with a link to Angie’s original pattern.

Adaptations post with pattern graphics

How to shape the hat into a cowboy hat look

The post that started it all.


REALITY CHECK: I got up this morning with one little blog tweak in mind.  Then I thought again of all the people who are making cowboy hats for babies these days, and thought you might like the printable version.  Now … to get everything done so I can go share with – and learn from! – the Crochet Ladies at City Rescue Mission.


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updated: March 2016

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