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Simple Pencil Case for Operation Christmas Child

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A new month, a new cause to crochet for! Operation Christmas Child is a year-round project for many, especially crafters.  Crocheted pencil cases are easy to make, adaptable in design, and useful for the children.

Can you imagine carrying pencils to class through the brush or jungle?  Trying to keep all your writing supplies together in a fold of leftover cardboard?

Little Things

Let’s make getting an education a little easier by crocheting pencil cases.

We’ll start with a simple pattern that can be whipped up quite quickly.

This is a great pattern to work on in the car (when someone else is driving!) or while waiting at the doctor’s office or any time you need a little something to do with your hands, but don’t want to commit to a large project or complex design.

A Simple Pencil Case for Operation Christmas Child

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Pattern Notes:

Hook Size: G

You will be working in ovals, called rounds in the pattern.

And the end of each round, do not turn.  Do not join rounds.

Using a stitch marker can help you tell where the round begins.


Foundation Round (The First Oval)

Ch 16, SC in 2nd ch from hook and across.  In the last ch, add an extra SC.

Flip the work so that you are now crocheting in the bottom of the foundation chainSC across.  Add an extra SC in first ch when you get back to the beginning of the oval.


Crochet Around the Oval

Rounds 2-4: SC in ea st around.  Change color.

Crochet Around the Oval

You should see a little canoe forming.

Round 5:  SC in ea st around.

Round 6:  HDC in ea st around.


The Sides Emerge

Rounds 7 – 22: Repeat round 6.

Round 23: SC in ea st around.


Make the Holes for the Tie

Crocheted Holes for Drawstring

Round 24: Ch 3.  Skip one st. *DC in next st. Ch 1.  Skip one st.*  Repeat * around.  Join with sl st to 2nd ch of ch 3.

Round 25: Ch 1.  SC in ea DC and in ea ch-sp around.  Join.  Fasten off.

Make and Weave in the Tie

Weave the Drawstring

Crochet a chain in gray long enough to go around bag, plus enough to tie closed with a bow.

Weave tie through open spaces in Round 24.

Simple Pencil Case for OCC

This pencil case is deep enough for the pencil to tuck in just under the tie.  But if I did that for his photo shoot, you wouldn’t see him!  🙂

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REALITY CHECK: It’s truly amazing what God can do with a ball of yarn, a simple hook, and a box of pencils.  He can change lives and give a homeschool retiree purpose in her life, all with a bit of acrylic, aluminum and wood.



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This pattern may be used to make gifts and donations to the cause of your choice, but is not to be reproduced or sold.

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  1. I love this Suzanne! I would love to share this on my site as well! I will link it to you, is that ok?

  2. Just finished making my first one for an OCC shoebox! It turned out beautifully! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!

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