Crochet for a Cause: A Bit Jazzier Pencil Case for Operation Christmas Child


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I originally created a sample of this pattern using Red Heart’s Blacklight yarn, shown in the photo above.  Cute for a pencil case for Operation Christmas Child!  But a little tricky to see the details of the pattern.

So, I made another one (similar, but not exactly the same) in red and yellow, so you could see the flap, loop and button.


(This one doesn’t have his button yet.  His full outfit is shown below.)

A Bit Jazzier Pencil Case for Operation Christmas Child

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Pattern Notes:

Hook Size: G

You will be working in ovals, called rounds in the pattern.

And the end of each round, you do not need to turn, nor to join rounds. Using a stitch marker can help you tell where the round begins.

If you like to turn and join rounds, you certainly may.  Just be sure to add a turning chain.

The Foundation Row

Round 1: Ch 16, SC in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, an extra SC in the end, in ea bottom half of the chains across, finishing with an extra SC in the last st.

See Crocheting in the Oval for details.


Crochet Around the Oval

Rounds 2- 23: SC in ea st around.

Remember:  Do not increase.  You want to build a canoe first.  🙂

Add a Flap

 Pencil Case Flap

SC across the back only of the pencil case, working now in rows rather than rounds. Be sure to ch 1 at the end of each row as a turning chain.

Determine the number of rows needed:

Place a new, unsharpened pencil in the case.  Make enough rows so the flap can rest loosely over the pencil and come down about 3 rows past the case lip.  I find 8 or 9 rows sufficient, depending on my tension and hook size.

Add a Loop

SC into 7 stitches across the top.  CH 4.  Skip one st.  SC in next st and each st across to edge.

Flap and Loop of Pencil Case



Finished Edge or Rough Edge?

Here’s the rough edge of the flap in Blacklight.  Can hardly tell it’s rough.

Rough Edge in Blacklight

Using a solid color for the flap, the unfinished edge is a little more noticeable.

Unfinished Edge of PencilCase

For a finished look, you can SC down the edge of the flap, across the top front edge of the case (the top of the yellow part), and back up the other edge.

Add a Button

It’s a little hard to make out the details in Blacklight …

image_thumb3   image12_thumb

So, here’s the button in the red/yellow version:

Flap, Loop and Button of Pencil Case

The buttons – unless you want to use a real live button – are crocheted like Flamingo Eyes, leaving long enough yarn tails for sewing on.

Attach your Button

Put a new pencil in your pencil case, fold the flap down loosely over the pencil, and sew the button on – using the yarn tails – where the loop meets the pencil case.

Flap and Button of Pencil Case


The Finished Pencil Cases

In red and yellow …

Red and Yellow Pencil Case

 And in Blacklight …

Blacklight Pencil Case


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REALITY CHECK: The colors of the red and yellow pencil case in the photos are not consistent, but it really is the same pencil case.  I received a new camera for Christmas, and I’m still playing with the settings. 🙂 Oooh, kind of like when we come to know the Lord and we allow Him to tweak our settings.  Some days we may appear blue, but we are really feeling rather sky blue pink of the inside.  We’re just learning to let our pink show.




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This pattern may be used to make gifts and donations to the cause of your choice, but is not to be reproduced or sold.

Thank you for understanding!



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