Operation Christmas Child FAQ: Frequently Argued Question

 Operation Christmas Child: Frequently Argued Question

What about _(fill-in-the-blank)  ? Sound familiar?  Most frequently argued questions begin with the phrase: What about. It can be wielded like a social shield keeping involvement at arms’ length.

For example, if you are a homeschooler, have been a homeschooler, have met a homeschooler, or just heard about homeschooling, you have probably heard the question, What about socialization?  Being a concerned parent, you’ve probably asked it yourself.

Socialization has become the buzz word for those who question homeschooling’s effectiveness.  The question has become a FAQ.

It’s become a FAQ: Frequently Argued Question.

Operation Christmas Child’s FAQ is …

What about materialism?

How do we answer that?  We are sending goodies in a shoebox to countries who have very little.  Aren’t we spreading materialism?

I approach the Operation Christmas Child question the way I have approached the socialization question, trying to keep my audience in mind, knowing that I’ve wrestled the same beast. 

Just for Clarification

OCC: Operation Christmas Child

HS: Homeschooling

FAQ: Frequently Argued Question

What We Fear We Question

Yes, that’s pretty much coming right out of the gate, isn’t it?  🙂

But sometimes, we ask the wrong question.


Regarding OCC: We fear spreading materialism because we fear materialism.

So, we ask the question: What about materialism?


But the real question is:  What are material goods for?

To raise our standard of living?  To have more than the next guy?  Or to love God and those He loves?


The Socialization-Materialism Similarity

Can you see the similarity to the Homeschool FAQ: What about socialization?


Regarding HS: We fear socialization because we are afraid of socialization.

So, we ask the question: What about socialization?


The real question is: What is the purpose of socialization?

To claw our way to the top?*  Or to love God and those He loves?


Answers Not Provided

Did you notice I didn’t answer the OCC FAQ?

That’s because the original question is faulty.

Until we establish the purpose of material goods in our own lives, we will run around the circle of materialism.

Once we understand the purpose of material goods – in light of God’s Word – we won’t need to ask the question: What about materialism?

We will ask: How can I use this material good for God’s ultimate good, bringing the lost to the cross, to His presence forever?

While we are here, we can also exchange the word, socialization, for the phrases, material goods and materialism,  making our homeschool point, too.  🙂


REALITY CHECK: *I was asked once – challenged, I should say – by a teacher at a playground when my homeschooled children were young:  What about socialization?  How will your children learn to fight?  Or to stand in line?  Isn’t that what families and post offices are for?

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  1. Funny, I haven’t had the materialism question with all my support of OCC. It hardly seems to encourage materialism to send a child school supplies that they don’t have, soap, and a couple of toys.

    I also don’t get the homeschool question probably because I don’t homeschool. LOL. 🙂

    • The argument I’ve heard and read is that if we give them a little bit of stuff, they will be dissatisfied with what they have, knowing now that there is more out there to have. Material goods feeding materialism. But … I think it’s all in how we present the goods. OCC isn’t a commercial asking them buy more stuff. But to receive God’s gift!

      LOL, about the homeschooling question. Nice to know there is someone out there who doesn’t homeschool AND who hasn’t run into The Question – that means you aren’t drilling others with it! Yay! 🙂

  2. I’m sorry… but I very much disagree with you. OCC is amazing. It really is. These kids will become materialistic if they receive one gift in their life??? I went to the poorest part of Guerrero, Mexico last month. Those children literally had nothing. They would be so overjoyed and grateful for a shoebox gift. And of course OCC is not about sending gift, but about sharing Jesus. I think OCC is wonderful, and will keep sending about 50 boxes a year. Have a nice day(:

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