Crochet Ladies of Vilano and More: A Retirement Update



In between crochet stitches, I’ve been reading, writing, learning, and sharing.  More about the two ladies above in a moment.


One of the books on my word hook – I read like I crochet, rarely one thing at a time – is Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper.  I’m reading along with ladies from church, and it’s been grounding and yet so adventurous-ing discussing this book.

One of many favorite quotes so far:

“Whenever something is of tremendous value to you, and you cherish its beauty, or power, or uniqueness, you want to draw others’ attention to it and waken in them the same joy.”  – John Piper


One of my favorite ways to draw attention to my loves is to write about them.  Smile

Working ahead, I’ve been developing patterns and posts for hats for welcomed babies, shawls for chilly hospital mommies, and more.


And wanting to make my little corner of cyberworld pretty, I’ve been playing with graphic design a bit, sticking with the free stuff learning from generous pros.


And the Highlight of my Month: Sharing

I met the Crochet Ladies of Vilano!

Goodies made by Crochet Ladies of Vilano

Clara and I met online via Home and Beyond; we chatted via my Facebook page; and a friendship was born!  She recently invited me to speak at her crochet group – in real life down by the beach near St. Augustine.

Goodies made by Crochet Ladies of Vilano

Crochet Lady or Death by Hook?

My husband went with me – instead of just dropping me off – to be sure there really is a clubhouse, and that Clara really is a sweet woman who crochets and she isn’t an an axe murderer preying on an innocent yarn-lover.  Smile

The first guest who arrived was introduced to me as: My cohort in crime. 

Sure, that made me feel better.  Smile

All I could see was yarn and crochet hooks ahead, however, and my husband had left the security gate entrance on his way to find a while-we’re-out-of-town-let’s-have-a-date restaurant, so I thought: What a way to go!  With hook in hand!

The Reality Is …

Clara and her friends are as real life lovin’ as they are in cyberworld!

We shared completed project ideas.

More Goodies made by Crochet Ladies of Vilano

We shared works in progress.

Beautiful Stitches from a Beautiful Lady

We shared successes!

Brand New Crocheter Learns C2C

Clara taught Renee how to crochet the Corner to Corner – her first venture into crocheting – ever!


We shared life between the stitches.

Crochet Ladies 1

We shared life stories.

Learned to Crochet 4 Months Ago - And made this scarf!

Helen learned to crochet last October.   She made, not only this scarf, but all her family’s Christmas presents!

We enjoyed crocheting as a team sport.

Crocheting is a Team Sport

And I learned that not everyone on the internet is an axe murderer.   We just have to be careful, do our homework, and take a buddy.

Some folks just like to crochet, to share the love of Jesus, and to walk together in life’s journey.

Many thanks to Clara (on the left) for inviting me to be part of such a special group of ladies.


Aren’t these two sisters sweet together?  And just 13 years apart!

Reminds me of my much older siblings … I miss you! Smile

And so you don’t miss a stitch, be sure to sign up for updates, patterns, and more from Home and Beyond, where we are Crocheting for Cause this year.

Coming Soon-ish …

Corner to Corner Shawls and Blankets for Chilly Hospital Mommies

Corner to Corner


REALITY CHECKMy new camera worked beautifully, except when it ate some of the photos of the ladies’ projects.  My apologies to those who shared such lovely works of crocheted art in reality, while the images took a hike beyond the lens cap into the space between the pixels.  Now, where did I put that camera manual?


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  1. Helen Miller says:

    Dear Suzanne, thank you for the exposure on Facebook. You take good pictures of “bad” subjects. Just kidding around. I enjoyed your visit to the Club, and meeting you. I guess the love my sister & I share with each other comes through in our faces! Even though she lets nothing stop her from making sure everyone knows I am “13” years older!! I hope that all sisters feel as we do! God Bless you in all your endeavors!

    • Sweet Helen, you are too kind! The love between you two sisters – and the sassin’ – is just precious to me, as my sisters are far away, out west.

      • Helen Miller says:

        Thanks for those kind words. I am sorry you cannot have your sisters close. She is my one and only sister. We have always been close in heart if not in where we live.

  2. Jennifer Draper says:

    We just loved having you at crochet club, Suzanne. Your knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious! Hope you can make it again next month.

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer! I loved being there and meeting you all. I’m still beaming when I think of you ladies! Checking with the hubby to see if we can make Crochet Club an excuse for an Eat-Your-Way-Around-St-Augustine-Date-Night. 🙂

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