First Coast Women’s Services: What They Do and How We Can Help

Suzanne's Birthday

Babies.  Life’s building blocks.  Not one of us enters life as anything else.  For those of us who have made it through one of this century’s trickiest doorways, we have the opportunity to stitch a little love and help those who are helping moms – and dads – make the choice for life.

More Than a Brochure

One of our local pregnancy clinics, First Coast Women’s Services, provides more than just information about abortion alternatives.  They offer love in a variety of forms: counseling, health services, and material support like diapers, cribs, etc.

Material support is where Crochet for a Cause comes in.

Simple Baby Hat for a Welcomed One

This month, we’re featuring free patterns for baby hats.

The crochet hook isn’t just for baby hats, of course; we can make blankets and more, too.

Pinterest and Ravelry are two of my favorite places to find patterns for baby items.

Anything a baby would need, these babies need.


Can a Bit of Yarn Make A Difference?

Are you wondering if a little bit of yarn can make a difference?

“Over 80% of women who chose abortion say if they felt even just one person supported another decision, they would not have chosen to have an abortion.”  – FCWS website

If we make hats or blankets for their little ones, they will have one more person supporting them and their choice for life.  Smile


A Story to Help Us Overcome Our Own Fears

Have you heard stories about pregnancy clinics that make you question what they do?

No way

Here’s a story that will help you heal … so you can help others choose life:

First Coast Women’s Services: Our Center’s Story (a video so full of love, you won’t notice the nine minutes it takes to watch)  [Update: this video is no longer available]


Opportunities to Help

Many opportunities, both on the hook and off, are available serving First Coast Women’s Services and the little ones they hold so dear.

If you crochet, you can start with a Simple Baby Hat!


If you are reading this, remember:  Your mama chose life.  And we are so thankful she did!


REALITY CHECK: I’ve been pondering all the things I can’t do again.  Mainly because of health stuff.

But then … I think … I can stand by those who are making the biggest choices of their lives … by simply crocheting a little something and encouraging others to do the same.

Even though I can’t always do what I’d like to do, I can do what I can do.  And I like what I can do, so that’s what I’ll do.  And thank God in Christ that I can.  Smile

That was a longer than usual Reality Check, but sometimes reality is like that.

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