Interview with Volunteer Counselor at First Coast Women’s Services

Unplanned Pregnancy: How We Can Help

Stress occurs when we believe we lack the resources to handle the situation at hand.

A chronic illness counselor at a well-known medical center in Denver shared this thought with a group of parents a few years ago.  It wasn’t offered in the context of pregnancy, babies or abortion, but it encouraged all those present, no matter the challenge before them, because stress is stress.

Resources are Available

“Each day, women wake up in our communities believing abortion is the only realistic solution to an unplanned pregnancy.”1

Women wake up … believing.  We believe we lack resources, so we feel stress.  Under stress, we make decisions we may later regret.

What we see ahead may not always be the full picture.

We May Not See the Whole Picture

There may be – and often are – more resources available than we realize.

Interview with Volunteer Counselor

Diane Ring

Diane Ring shared precious time with us to answer a few questions about First Coast Women’s Services (FCWS) and her involvement as a volunteer counselor.

What is your role at FCWS?

I am a volunteer counselor who meets with women coming to the center for pregnancy tests, options counseling, and HOPE, an earn-while-you-learn program where participants earn coupons that can be used towards cribs, diapers, layettes, etc.

The HOPE participant meets with a counselor one-on-one in regularly scheduled internals for counseling and to watch educational DVDs on parenting, relationships, and child-training. Credit is given based on the amount of work completed.

Does FCWS protest in front of abortion clinics?  


I like that.  Pure.  Simple.  Concise. 

Hands Helping Hands Helping Little Hands


How can crocheters help? 

Crocheted baby blankets, booties, and hats are welcome gifts for mothers who come in for assistance. The homemade gifts are especially appreciated.


How can bloggers help?

Raising awareness of FCWS services and programs offered and how others can help is always appreciated.

All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray




Many thanks to Diane for sharing her heart and her ministry and to the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens for allowing me to photograph and share a few of their many classics.

REALITY CHECK:  Reality is going so much better this week.  Sometimes, it’s wise to listen to the pharmacist, sometimes it’s best to talk to the doc.  Last month, I listened to the pharmacist.  Guess what I did this month?  🙂

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1. M.O.R.E. Ministry Newsletter of Westside Chapel, Jacksonville, Florida, September 2012.



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