Crochet for a Cause: Even Jazzier Baby Hat


Even Jazzier Baby Hat

Last, but not least, an Even Jazzier Baby Hat for a welcomed one.  The puffs on the hat can be made with the same solid color yarn as the rest of the hat, or melded – like melted rainbow sherbet – using a multi-color yarn, or each little bubble created in a different color.  I posted photos after the pattern to give you ideas on how to jazz up the jazzy.

God bless you as you welcome little ones into the world!

Even Jazzier Baby Hat

Printable Pattern

Pattern Notes

    You won’t turn your work until you begin Round 5.  Just keep working around the circle for the 1st four rounds.


Round 1: Make a magic ring.  CH 2.  7 DC in ring.  Join.  (8 stitches)

Round 2: CH 2, DC in same st.  2 DC in ea st around. Join to top of ch-2.  (16 stitches)

Round 3: CH 2, DC in same st.  DC in next st.  *2 DC in next st. DC in next st.*  Repeat from * to * until back to beginning.  Join to top of ch-2.  (24 stitches)

Round 4: CH 2, DC in same st.  DC in next 2 sts. *2 DC in next st, DC in next 2 sts.* Repeat from * to * until back to beginning. Join to top of ch-2.   (32 stitches)


Body of Hat

Puffs on Even Jazzier Baby Hat

Round 5: Turn (so that your puffs are on the right side). CH 2.  DC in next st.  *DCP, CH 1closes the puff to make it poofDC in next 3 sts.* Repeat around.  End round with DCP, CH 1, DC and join to top of ch-2.  DO NOT TURN.

Round 6: CH 2, *DCP in next st, CH 1, DC in next st, skip ch (which closed puff), DC in next 2 sts.* Repeat around.  End with DCP, DC, skip ch, DC. Join.

Round 7: CH 1, *DCP (the first puff of this round goes in the same st as the ch-1), CH 1, DC, skip ch, DC in next 2 sts.* Repeat around. Join.

Round 8: CH 2, *skip ch, DC in next 2 st, DCP, CH 1, DC*. Repeat around. End with DCP, CH 1. Join.

Round 9: CH 2, DC, *DCP, CH 1, DC, skip ch, DC in next 2 sts.* End with DCP, CH 1, DC. Join.

Round 10: Repeat Round 6.

Round 11: Repeat Round 7.



Round 12: TURN. CH 1, loosely SC around.  Join.

Rounds 13-14: CH 1, SC around. Join. Finish off.


Even Jazzier Baby Hat

And here’s the same pattern in a multi-color yarn …

Even Jazzier Baby Hat in Blues and Green

And one with pastel puffs …

Even Jazzier Baby Hat in Pastel Bobbles

A few less rows of puffs, and a longer edging.

Tip: (see photo below) To make rows of colored puffs, bring the color of the moment along with you on the inside of hat as you make your way around.  When you want to change to a different color, drop the first one – but don’t cut it.  When you need it again, gently pull it down to the round you need it on.

Inside of Even Jazzier in Pastel Bobbles


Print a Pattern


REALITY CHECK: The birds are singing, the sun is shining.  The migraine is gone.  It’s a good day.

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