The Price of Pregnancy, The Price of Life

There is Hope in Him

Pregnancy centers aren’t just for the unmarried.  Are you surprised?  So was I.  Sometimes pregnancy – even between a husband and wife – come at surprising – and challenging – times of life.

Price of Pregnancy

Even when abortion isn’t an option in the mind of the couple, pro-life pregnancy clinics can be a support when the price of a pregnancy test, no less a whole baby to raise, can seem overwhelming.

Or when you’ve been told: You’d better not be pregnant.

Price of Life

That’s when places like First Coast Women’s Services step in.  With pregnancy tests.  Love.  Understanding.  Gentle arms.  And wise words.

With love, they understand the price of life.

And like Northern Stars, they lead us straight to Him:

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It’s a beautiful song by Selah, called Bless the Broken Road.

The Price is Paid

Whether the stick turns red or blue, whether there are two lines || or one |, Jesus Christ is the Answer. 

He picks up the phone call of prayer with a loving, “My mercies are new every morning.”

Even for those whose sin is simply fear of the future.


Are you crocheting with us?

For the little ones?  And for the parents, who are worried about every little thing, including their ability to raise a little one?

REALITY CHECK:  White toast and crackers with an occasional jello have been my menu of choice this weekend.  And nope, I’m not pregnant.  Those days are over.  But there are plenty of little lives hanging in the balance.  I hope a little hat here and there can help keep their little heads warm, and their mamas’ hearts loved.
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