Homeschool Retirement: A New Zoo

Homeschool Retirement: A New Zoo

What do penguins do when it rains?  They let it rain.

And that’s what this month of homeschool retirement has been about.  Not so much the rain, but the letting it.

The Need to Let It

Some things I can change.  Some things I can influence.  Some things I can control.  Some things I just need to let.

So I let.  And I lived.  And I am so thankful for my family who has been loving me through it.


Glimpses of Daylight

It’s not over, it’s still figuratively raining, but I can see glimpses of daylight.

One of the best Spring Break glimpses was with my college kids.  At the zoo.

The zoo looks different from the perspective of a zoomy-zoomy camera and a yarn-bombed wheelchair.

YarnBombed Wheelchair at the Zoo

I saw texture.


Black and White with an Eye


I saw little ones.

I was at eye-level to the little ones, so I heard and saw the looks of parents yelling at their children – typically ironic instructions in manners.

They just wanted to see the tiger, mom …


And they didn’t think I saw it, but I saw it.

I saw the glances down, the sidesteps in front of me, the backs of people who decided that the woman in the wheelchair really didn’t need to see the panther.  Or the leopard cubs.

Wheelchair Ettiquette

And I heard.

I heard my children laughing together.  Being goofy together …

Pretending …


Suz at the Zoo

And accidentally actually-ing …


The Berries and the Birds

And this month, I learned that blueberries are God’s gift to me.

And that solid food is sometimes only for the birds.

Solid Food is for the Birds

But most of all I learned again, that no matter how much I like others to walk with me through the hard times, God wants to walk with me all the more.

Suz at the Zoo 2

Even when I can’t exactly walk very far at a time.

And that’s reality.

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