The Track to Our First Ronald McDonald House in 19 Sentences

This could be a long story.  It took 19 years to live.  I’ll try it in 19 sentences per post (not including crochet pattern posts) in this Ronald McDonald House series.  🙂

  1. Your babies have eczema.

  2. Your 2-year old daughter and 4-year old son have severe eczema.

  3. Your 3-year old daughter has food allergies and your 5-year old son has life-threatening food allergies, and both have severe eczema.

  4.  EpiPens became our constant companions.


  5. Your 8-year old daughter and your 10-year old son have severe eczema and life-threatening food allergies.

  6. Doctor after doctor (after doctor after doctor) in our hometown of 1,000,000 people said: “This is beyond my scope.”

  7. Hope came in waves, beginning its slow creep toward hopelessness.

Waves of Hope

  8. Itch and blood, pain and sleeplessness, and multiplying limitations continued for years.

  9. Friends came, friends went, adding loneliness to the mix.

  10. And yet we lived as well as we could – which some days wasn’t very well – but by faith clinging to God in Christ.

Duke Chapel

  11. Anaphylaxis, again and again and again amped the fear, and the limitations.

  12.  People prayed, commanded, cast out and then left us when the answer didn’t come.

  13. I asked God one day: “Can You handle reality? Because if You can’t I don’t think much of You as God.”

  14. God didn’t smote me; He loved me.

  15. God handled reality.

  16. More doctors said, “This is beyond my scope.”

  17. One doctor said, “This is beyond my scope, but …” and sent us to Duke    University Medical Center, a few states away.

Duke Chapel Detail

  18. We took the train and stayed at Ronald McDonald House Durham, several times there and back.

  19. We found a little hope and a little more help each time, but the story doesn’t end in Durham, NC.Winter at Duke

Next stop, Ronald McDonald House Colorado Springs


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