Crochet for a Cause: A Bit Jazzier Shawl for a Ronald McDonald House Mom


Bit Jazzier Shawl for a RMH Mom

Hospitals are chilly and mamas get cold waiting, waiting, waiting.  So here’s a pattern for …

A Bit Jazzier Shawl for a Ronald McDonald House Mama

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Pattern Notes

  • Hook Size: K
  • I used Red Heart’s Super Saver yarn in Lemon for the shawl, and White for the edging

This shawl is worked Corner-to-Corner (C2C).  The easiest way to explain it is to send you to the source that taught me (Many thanks to my new crochet buddy, Clara!):  Corner-to-Corner Video

The Shawl

Make the shawl as you did for the Simple Shawl.

Bit Jazzier Yellow Shawl


I made this yellow one a little smaller than the pink Simple Shawl, working 42 rows of yellow for 42 clusters on the final row.

When your shawl is as wide as you’d like it, don’t finish off the main color yarn.


Adding a Bit of SC Edging Support

Before we add the jazz, make a foundation row along the straight edges of the shawl, by continuing on with the main color yarn (yellow, in my case).

Simply SC along the two straight edges.  Be sure to make the turn at the bottom corner with extra stitches (I put 5 SC in the corner st).



By crocheting this foundation stitch on the raw edges in the main color, the edging looks uniform with the rest of the project.

I learned that little tip in Around the Corner: Crochet Borders, a birthday gift from my college-age son.  <3


Adding a Bit of Jazz

Now it’s time to add that bit of jazz.

Edge of Bit Jazzier Shawl

Here’s How:

After you make the SC edging in your main color (yellow, in my case), join white by dropping the yellow just before your last yarn-over of your last SC, and pick up the white for the yarn-over.

Row 1:  With white, CH 1, then SC along the two straight sides, with 3 SC in the corner stitch at the bottom of the shawl.

Row 2: CH 2, DC in next 2 sts*[CH 1, skip a stitch, DC, CH 1, skip st, DC in next 3 sts]*.  Repeat ** along first straight side.

White Border of Bit Jazzier Shawl

At the corner: DC, 3 DC in corner st, DC in next st.

Repeat ** of Row 2 along second straight edge.  You may need to DC in last st (s) depending on how many stitches you had in your yellow SC-ing edge foundation.  Turn.

Row 3: CH 4, SC in center DC of 3-DC group, *[CH 1, skip DC, 3 TR in next DC, CH 1, SC in center DC of next 3 DC group.]*  Repeat ** along first straight side.

At the corner: 3 DC in center st.

Continue up other edge, repeating ** of Row 3.  End with DC’s in last stitches.  Fasten off.

Top Edge of Bit Jazzier Shawl

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REALITY CHECK: The reality is: I’ve spent several minutes trying to think what to write here.  Nothing comes to mind, except: When I’m confused, it reminds me I need a Savior.  When I’m sad, it reminds me I need a Savior.  When I don’t feel well, it reminds me I need a Savior.  Thank God for His generous offer on the cross: a Savior for all seasons.

Coming Soon …

An Even Jazzier Shawl for a Ronald McDonald House mom.  I hope you will love it! [That red love is a hint 🙂 ]

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