The Flight to Our 2nd Ronald McDonald House in 19 Sentences

Leaving North Carolina’s Ronald McDonald House for the last time (so far), we headed home with a plan and a little hope.  But it turned out we needed more than a little hope.  We needed answers.  And so, the journey continues with another 19 sentences.

1. Anaphylaxis, hives, and asthma ramped up.

2. Your daughter has been granted a Dream Come True, a local group similar to Make A Wish.

3.But that means, she might die.

4. Yes, so go while you can.

5. She chose snow and horses; they sent us to Montana in January; it was a shot of hope in the heart.

Dreams Come True

6. Summer came too soon and her immune system tanked again; it’s summer 6 months out of the year here.

7. More hives, anaphylaxis, pain, itch, medicine, misery and memories of snow.

8. Her immune system, not fighting simple bugs or complex ones, was fighting life and food and heat and who knows what all.

9. Duke said, Get her out of the heat; her immune system needs a break.

10. Phone calls, emails, internet searches, networking, prayer to find a place to stay.

11. She needed somewhere cooler/drier in the summer, close to a hospital, with ambulance service and a pharmacy nearby, and no pets.

12. Oh, and Mom doesn’t drive because of her own health challenges.

13. Futility in the search was facing Mom and stomping her heart to shreds.

14. As the weather warmed, the lack of options appeared to be slamming her daughter into an early grave.

15. Her last door closed on her last lead, Mom sobbed into her pillow and sobbed and sobbed, and pleaded with God for His mercies; then she checked her email: one more time.

16. Come here, to Ronald McDonald House, in Colorado Springs.

Winter and Suz RMH Colorado Springs

17. There is a hospital less than a block away; a pharmacy 3 blocks away; an excellent bus service; no pets; and love.

18. The children and I flew for the summer and she lived; she lived outdoors, in the summer, like a certain snowman we now love: In summertime, she became … a happy snowman.

Winter in the Cleft of the Rocks

19. We found life and we found love and her immune system found relief for the summer, but the story doesn’t end in The Springs.

REALITY CHECK:  I know, I’m cheating using semi-colons.  But some sentences are like that; they don’t end when we think they should.

Next stop, Ronald McDonald House Denver



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