Why Crochet? Part 4: God is Not Dead


Why Crochet? God is Not Dead

Fifty-seven sentences can’t tell the whole story of 19 years.

19 Sentences to North Carolina

19 Sentences to Colorado Springs

19 Sentences to Denver


57 Sentences over 19 Years

But God knows the whole story because He’s not dead.  And that’s (another reason) why I crochet.  Smile

Crocheting for Causes

A few more sentences about Ronald McDonald House and why I crochet for causes:

  1.  For awhile, in between stays at Ronald McDonald Houses in North Carolina and Colorado, we volunteered in-house at our local RMH.

  2.  We know what it was like to feel forgotten when the world goes on with their healthy lives.

  3.  We know that we were not truly forgotten by the One who never leaves us nor forsakes us.

  4.  We wanted others to know they aren’t forgotten either.

  5.  We know what it was like to receive tangible love.

  6.  Tangible love gave us tangible hope.

  7.  If we share tangible love, our prayer is others will feel tangible hope.

  8.  And hope led us to back to God every time.

  9.  We hope hope will lead others back to God every time, too.

  10.  Not a general god, but God who sent His son, Jesus Christ to pay the price for every sin, even the mistaken beliefs based on feelings called: self-pity and giving in to the hopeless feeling of forgotten-ness.

  11.  If God were dead, people wouldn’t have hope to offer.

  12.  If God were dead, people would shrug off other’s pain, and compassion would be a lost art.

  13.  Crocheting for causes gives me a tangible way to share the love of God in Christ Jesus, who died and yet is not dead.


Why Crochet? God is Not Dead


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REALITY CHECK: Not everyone crochets, not everyone wants to crochet, not everyone understands the love of crocheting or the love shown by crocheting.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep crocheting.  Or keep loving others through our love of crochet.  Smile  Oooh, insert “knows/know/knowing God” for “crochet” and that’s a good reality check, too.

Updated August 2015: And if you don’t crochet, that’s ok. You are certain to have many other ways to show the tangible the love of God through your hobbies and interests!


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