Homeschool Retirement Update

Home work doesn't have to be in MLA

Homeschool retirement is rather like homeschooling.  A little of this, a little of that, a bunch of the other (you know that’s crocheting), and a few whines here and there of:

“Do I have to do my home work?”

Thankfully, home work in retirement is easier than homework in homeschooling.

  • I don’t have to turn in my assignment on time.
  • The only requirement is a general sense of cleanliness, not MLA format.
  • Asking for help with my home work is completely allowed.
  • And cheating, by letting others do it for me, is highly encouragedSmile

Trying It Out

As far as the little of this and little of that, I’ve been trying some things that:

  • I didn’t have time to do while homeschooling, like edit photos.  Or dust clocks.  (Ok, edit photos, because I still don’t dust clocks often.)


  • I didn’t have energy to do while homeschooling.
  • I didn’t have brain space to do while homeschooling.
  • I put on a list to try after homeschooling.

I’m Discovering …

  • I don’t have the energy to do every thing on my list.
  • I love doing some of what I thought I would love doing, like up-close photography.

Up Close Photography

  • Some things on my list, I don’t want to do long-term, but I’m glad I tried them.
  • I have more energy of one kind, and less of another.
  • I can scratch things off my After Homeschooling List and try new-new things.

Did you notice I didn’t mention a lack of brain space on my discovered list?  I still have some left over from homeschooling!

In fact, I have an acute awareness that my desire to learn has increased, rather than decreased, even after – especially after? – 20 years of educational facilitating.

What has changed is that I’m more selective in what and how I want to learn.

Teaching my children how to learn has rather rubbed off on me.

And … I like it.  I love it.

I want more some learnin’.

So what does a retired homeschool mom learn about?

This mama is digging into, in no particular order:

  • Elizabeth I
  • Lady Jane Grey
  • Video editing software
  • Graphic design
  • Crochet pattern standards (who knew?)
  • A variety of ways people are hurting and ways to help
  • The life of Paul via John Pollock and the book of Acts
  • How not to waste my life
  • Ways make a little money crocheting and writing
  • How to add clay handles to crochet hooks
  • What kids are going through in college
  • How to throw a fire pit gathering for 2-40 in 4 days or less
  • and so much more!

 All that to say …


Don’t fear retirement from homeschooling.  There’s still plenty to learn!

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