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Oooh, there are five Tuesdays in April?  I didn’t catch that when planning posts.  It all works out … just needs a bit of writing on the spur of the moment.

And I’ve got just the cause to write about – especially since we just went to the Super Ride!

Dreams Come True is a local organization that offers every child in the (I think it’s 5-county) region who has a life-threatening illness the opportunity to dream … and see their dream come true.


It’s hard to put into words – at least in just a few words off the top of my heart – what this organization has meant to us.

My daughter’s medical team suggested I call Dreams Come True the autumn before her 15th birthday.  It felt like a death sentence.

A Life Sentence!

But it was a life sentence!

Groups like Westside Wranglers raise funds for Dreams Come True to give dreamers a break from the medical routine, restore hope in an outside-the-medical-walls way, and a chance for families to play togethernot just cope with the myriad stresses of chronic, life-threatening illness.

And They Understand

You see, my daughter doesn’t have cancer.  Or leukemia.  Or any of the usually-in-the-news medical conditions.  She has something harmless – yet life-altering – in moderation, but life-threatening in the extreme.

Her immune system has been challenging life since her 1st birthday.

But she’s doing well now: we’ve only been in the hospital a few times in the last few years.  We replay her Dream – to ride horses in the snow – each and every time.

Riding Horses in the Snow

Each year, we are invited –and so are you! – to the Annual Tessa Godwin Super Ride hosted by Westside Wranglers 4-H Club. 

Our friend, Susan, keeps us in the Super Ride loop, or should I say lasso?

Susan (you’ll see her pic at the bottom of the post) loves the Lord and enjoys sharing hope as fervently as a cowboy enjoys his hamburger.

A Man and his Burger

When we go to the Super Ride, even though we don’t ride horses there, the memories (I really need to find the rest of those photos!) come flooding back of riding horses in the snow, especially when we get reacquainted with Tonka, Tessa’s Dream Horse.

Tonka Time

This is Tessa’s dad, driving the cart.  His little girl passed away, but her dream lives on.

Horse and Cart Ride

The Super Ride once again had a silent auction with beautiful items – I got a turquoise knife!  I’ll be cutting crocheted yarn ends in style!

Auction Time

And this year, they had something new: a yard sale where love was poured out in double doses as they had t-shirts for $1 and baseball caps for 50 cents each – all brand new.

Westside Wranglers Dreams Come True Yard Sale

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

A Man and a Bear Walk into a Forest

Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

Many thanks to JAHU, through golf tournaments and more, and the 320 Ranch, for providing our daughter’s dream.  We will forever be thankful for that life-changing trip.

And we have a special place in our hearts for the Westside Wranglers, who bring us snow-filled memories on a plate each year, along with hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, slaw, chips … and a huge entrée of love.

Westside Wranglers Super Ride

What is the heartbeat of Dreams Come True,

Westside Wranglers,

and so many other organizations and individuals

who support children

walking through

this life-threatening world?

Susan says it best …

Helping Hands



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