Bread for Life: Commitment to Context


Bread for Life

The story starts several chapters earlier, but we pick up here …

Cameroon, somewhere in Africa.


Dr. Ken Mitchell, our pastor at Westside Chapel, travels to Cameroon with Bread for Life International to teach pastors how to teach the Bible in context.

If there is one thing I admire about our pastor – and there are many things – it is his commitment to context.

Pastor Ken Mitchell and Ernest Ehabe, Pres & CEO for BfL

Why is Context So Important

It is only reading God’s thoughts in the context they were shared with us that we find truth and hope.

When words of the Bible are taken out of context, and smeared on our lives in willy-nilly fashion, we will find ourselves disappointed, disillusioned and many times blaming God for not keeping His promises.

But did He really promise what He think He promised?

Is the promise we think He promised in context of the rest of His Word?

Or did we pull out a verse like a carrot out of stew and declare it dinner?

More than a Few Carrots

Are we missing the rest of the ingredients, flavors blended to make a complete meal? 

Have we been taught to be content with just a snack to satisfy our craving for carrots?

Are we disappointed the carrot didn’t fully satisfy us? 

Pastor Ken teaches there is more – much more – to the stew of God’s Word than a few carrots.

And it is only in feeding on the Word in context that we can be truly nourished.

And what he teaches in Cameroon – and El Salvador – he serves each Sunday to us back home.

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REALITY CHECK:  I’ve been disappointed, disillusioned and have blamed God.  But now I know that He can handle reality.  And that He doesn’t always do it the way I would.  Thank God!

Coming Soon …

Uncle P Goes to Cameroon


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