Bread for Life: Uncle P and Medical Missions

Help and Hope

Uncle P is a real person.  When he is in the United States, he goes to our church. 🙂

You wouldn’t know how big God lives in Uncle P until you hear him speak.

Uncle P Teaches Children About Cameroon

Uncle P’s Challenge

As part of children’s church focus on Geo-Missions, Uncle P shared his experiences, his heart, and his hopes.

Uncle P challenged us:

If God isn’t dead, prove it.

Uncle P Proves God is Not Dead

He proves God isn’t dead by sharing Biblical hope in Christ Jesus, the Savior, and tangible love.

Uncle P travels to Cameroon, and sometimes stays for many months.  He ministers in a so-many-fold manner

Visiting the Physicians


Meeting medical needs.


Praying for people.

Sharing Truth

Sharing the truth of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ.

Cameroonian Children

Handing out backpacks and dresses and candy and goodies to the children.

Visiting a Village

Hiking mountain passes to reach isolated villages.

Love and Care

Telling everyone he meets how great God is and that salvation is a gift.


If God were dead, would people care as much as they do?


Hope in Christ

Many thanks to Uncle P for sharing his heart and his photos.

Uncle P

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REALITY CHECK:  Ahh, it was good to be out and about yesterday, in this 3-dimensional world called life.

Coming Soon …

Meet Ernest Ehabe, President and CEO of Bread for Life International and find out how you can help, hook or no hook.


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