Bread for Life: Meet the CEO and Help with the Summer Collection

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This month, I’ve been featuring our local church’s missionaries to Cameroon: our beloved pastor, Dr. Ken Mitchell, and our friend and life-challenger, Uncle P.

Today, I’d like to introduce Ernest Ehabe, President and CEO of Bread for Life International and share three ways to get involved.

Ernest Ehabe

“Stories of brokenness, frailty and weakness woven together with healing, confidence and strength … create a tapestry that attests to the goodness of God in all spheres of life.”

— Ernest Ehabe, President & CEO

Ernest’s Early Days

Ernest was born in Tombel, in the South West Province of Cameroon.  He became one of the first in his tribe to surrender his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  He was 13 years old.

He attended boarding school, where he became active in evangelism and outreach.  Moving to the United States, he received a higher education at Arkansas Tech, Lee, and George Fox universities.

Presidential Responsibilities

“As president of Bread For Life International, Ernest is responsible for BFL’s overall operations, which include fund raising, advocacy, and program development. In addition to traveling and speaking across North America, Ernest spends a lot of his time in the West-Central part of Africa, consulting with Christian leaders, speaking at missionary gatherings, implementing strategies, reaching the lost as well as encouraging the saints.”

– from Bread for Life International

Family Life

Ernest Ehabe and his Children

“Ernest and his wife (Elizabeth) were married in 2003. Elizabeth served with Cameroon government as a translator/Interpreter and later in project management at the US Embassy in Yaounde. The Ehabes moved to the USA in December 2005 to focus on developing a US donor base. They relocated to Yaounde, Cameroon in June 2008 to focus on daily ministry and to raise their three children.”

– from Bread for Life International

How Can We Help?  Collect, Craft and Connect

We Can Collect

Local churches in Georgia, Florida, Texas and Arkansas are gathering simple, but precious, items to ship to Bread for Life International.

And when I say ship,I mean, ship on a ship.  The goal is to once again fill a large shipping container.

What should we collect?

  • Bar soap
  • Toiletries
  • School supplies

Handing Out Backpacks in Cameroon

  • Garden tools
  • Clothes and toys
  • Books
  • Bibles
  • Sheets
  • Towels
  • Vitamins

Sharing Tangible Love in Cameroon

  • Powdered drink mix
  • Peanut butter
  • Tires
  • Chain saws

Help Comes in Many Forms_Chainsaw

  • Generators
  • Almost anything


We Can Craft

There’s something about little girls and dresses.  It’s a worldwide phenomenon.

Women Making a Difference in Cameroon

Here are three free crochet dress patterns to make for a little girl near or far”

If you sew, pillowcase dresses are always popular!

We Can Connect

Connect with Bread for Life on Facebook

Connect on Facebook with Bread for Life International

Participating in His Story

To conclude today’s post, I can’t say it any better than Ernest Ehabe, President & CEO of Bread for Life International:

“If in the providence of God, your story is woven into the story, which is Bread For Life, we look forward to your prayers, partnership and sacrificial giving as we cooperate with God in this story of working alongside indigenous persons and efforts:

Building individuals, groups and ministries to affect every spectrum of the African life. Ultimately we are all participating in His…story.”

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