Why Crochet? Part 5

Crochet is Many-Hearted

If one’s heart is stretched across a variety of life’s borders, crochet offers the hook to create a life pattern of love.


One can have a heart for babies.

Crochet for a Cause_Babies

Or for their mamas.

Crochet for a Cause_Mamas

For a shoebox.

Crochet for a Cause_Shoebox


For people just around the corner.

Crochet for a Cause_Homeless


Or for little girls far, far away.

Crochet for a Cause_Little Girls


And with crochet, there’s always more to learn.

Crochet_Always more to learn


REALITY CHECK: I think I like blogging about crocheting as much as I like crocheting. Smile  But my heart’s desire is still debating the process of pattern development. It has its moments and then it has its moments.


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