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Crochet for a Cause_Blanket for a Butterfly Baby

Butterfly Babies are little ones who were lost to this world at a very tender age, some less than 20 weeks in the womb.

Life-oriented hospitals will often share gifts of compassion with the grieving families in the form of bereavement boxes.

Simple little gifts help comfort not so simple sads.

Simple Blanket for a Butterfly Baby

Pattern Notes

  • Hook Size: G
  • Yarn Used: Lion Brand Pound of Love, in Lavender and White
  • Cluster for Pattern: 3 dc in space, ch 1
  • Shell for Edging: 5 dc in space

Basic 8” x 8” Granny Square for a Tiny Little One

Round 1: Make a magic circle.  Ch 3 (counts as dc, here and hereafter).  In circle. 2 dc, ch 1.  Then (3 dc, ch 1) three times.  Sl st in 3rd ch to join. (4 clusters and 4 corners made)

Round 2:  Ch 4.  In each of the next three corner spaces, (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc, ch 1).  In last space, (3 dc, ch 1, 2 dc). Join with sl st to 3rd chain.

Round 3: Ch 3, 2 dc in first space. *Ch 1 (3dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in corner.  Ch 1, 3 dc in ch-1 space.* Repeat from * to * around.  End with last corner stitches, ch 1 sl st to top of ch 3.

Round 4: Ch 4, 3 dc in ch-1 sp, ch 1, *(3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in corner space.  [(Ch 1, 3 dc) in next ch-1 sp] twice. Ch 1.*  Repeat from * to * around.  End with 2 dc in last ch-1 space, sl st to 3rd chain.

Pattern Repeat for Size

For an 8 x 8” square blanket, basically repeat Rounds 3 & 4 twice more for 8 rounds total.  Each round will have an increasing number of ch-1 spaces to make clusters in.

If you’d like to make the blanket bigger, for later term babies, just repeat Rounds 3 & 4 until it is the size you’d like.


At end of last round, change to white for last yarn over to get the new color started off well for the first stitch of the edging.

To Make a Shell: 5 dc in space between 3-dc clusters, skip a dc, sc in middle dc of each cluster.

Simply make a shell in each space (including corners) around.  Sl st to join.

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REALITY CHECK: Years ago, I was asked to make crocheted blankets for grieving parents.  I couldn’t do it.  My own children were dancing on the edge and I couldn’t go there.  It’s still not easy on the emotions, but I’m able to face the fallen world with eyes a little more open.


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