Butterfly Babies and Bereavement Boxes


Butterfly Babies

Who are Butterfly Babies?

Butterfly Babies are little ones who were lost to this world at a very tender age, some less than 20 weeks in the womb.


What are Bereavement Boxes?

Life-oriented hospitals often share gifts of compassion with the grieving families in the form of bereavement boxes.

For example, St Vincent’s hospital in Jacksonville has joined with a local 4H group to gather:

  • Gowns
  • Blankets
  • A little memento, such as a crocheted butterfly, ornaments with a butterfly theme, or little butterfly figurines


How Can We Help?

Check with your local hospital – maternity ward, NICU, or volunteer department – to see if they are accepting donations for bereavement boxes.

If you craft, visit my Butterfly Babies board on Pinterest for patterns and design inspiration.  



REALITY CHECK:  Emotions flutter around my heart writing about, crafting for, this cause not quite sure where to land, finding their rest only safely in the heart and hands of God, Creator of Life.

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Coming Soon …

  •  A local hospital’s ministry to families of Butterfly Babies
  • Butterflies for Butterfly Babies



  1. I was wondering if i could get the pattern for the Butterfly Pocket… i would like to make them and give them to my local hospital… Thank you… They are beautiful

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