Crochet for a Cause: Butterflies for Baby Bereavement Boxes

Butterflies for Baby Bereavement Boxes

Butterflies are the theme of St. Vincent’s Baby Bereavement Box Ministry, so Meri Reed, coordinating with a local 4-H group, likes to add a little butterfly memento to each box.  The butterflies can be ornaments, figurines or handmade crafts, like these sweet little crocheted butterflies.

Judy Kerr, re-creator of the Fridgie Butterfly, gave me permission to share and link to her crocheted butterfly pattern, which I used to make these little heart-flutterers, easily worked up and so pretty in a variety of colors (see photos below).

SUZNOTE: I made an antennae modification – highlighted in purple.

Crocheted Butterfly

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Pattern Notes

  • Hook Size: your choice
  • Yarn: your choice
  • Pipecleaner (optional)
  • Ch 3 for the beginning dc of rounds 1 and 2
  • Picot = ch 4, slst in 4th ch from hook

“Your work will be very ripply – this is normal and will flatten out when you fold your butterfly in half.”


Ch 6, join w slst to form ring.

Round 1:  (3 dc in ring, ch 1) x 8, join w slst to top of beg dc.

Round 2: Slst to next ch-1 sp, (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in each ch-1 sp, join w slst to top of beg dc.

Butterfly with Yarn Antennae

Round 3:  Ch 1, sc over slst just made (i.e. in the gap btw the last and first 3-dc shells), (4 dc, picot, ch 1, 4 dc) in ch-1 sp, sc btw next two 3-dc shells, *(4 dc , ch 1, 4 dc) in ch-1 sp, sc btw next two 3-dc shells*,  repeat btw * x 5, (4 dc, picot, ch 1, 4 dc) in ch-1 sp, join w slst in beg sc, FO leaving a long tail for sewing up.

Butterfly with Pipecleaner


Weave in beginning tail. Fold the butterfly in half, with the two picot “wings” forming the bottom pair of the butterfly with the yarn tail between.


*Ch 9, slst in hump of 2nd ch from hook and next 7 ch, repeat from * once, FO leaving both tails for tying off.


With a length of yarn a little over twice the length of the butterfly body, make a loop.  Knot the loop about 1/2 inch from ends.  Lay it down the middle on top of butterfly body.  Pull the non-knotted end to back side of butterfly and loop over the knot.  The knot becomes the head, and the little tails become the antennae.

Crocheted Butterfly


Alternatively, leave a shorter ending tail, weave it in, omit the crocheted antennas and use a pipe cleaner (p.c.) for the “body” and “antennas.”

Fold the p.c. in half and position the fold at the top of the wings (i.e. at the head).

Keeping the two halves parallel, wrap the p.c. down over the middle of the wings and up the underside.

Bring the ends up through the loop formed by the original fold at the top.

Press the p.c. “body” flat, adjust the antennas and give them a little curl.

pattern by Judy M Kerr ©2012 reprinted with permission


I made most of my antennae with the loop of yarn:

Blue and Teal Crocheted Butterfly

Crocheted Butterflies

Many thanks to Meri and Judy for bringing

a love of butterflies and babies together.




REALITY CHECK: These butterflies are so sweet to crochet.  Sometimes, I have to pause and remember why I am making them.  And other times, I have to pause from thinking about why I’m making them.

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  1. They’re lovely, Suzanne. And I like your antenna mod. 🙂
    ~~ Judy

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