For the Families of Butterfly Babies

Butterfly Bereavement Boxes

We like to make things for babies. There’s something just adorable about crocheting little booties, little blankies, little outfits, little butterflies to brighten a baby’s day.

Who Do We Really Make Baby Things For?

We make baby things for the families and friends, for the onlookers to coo over.

The babies themselves are just as happy wrapped in a soft cotton sheet as a hand crocheted blanket.

Understanding the Love Comes Later

It’s not until later that the baby, now a child, teen, or adult understands the love in the handiwork.

But what if there is no later … Sad smile

The Family Will See the Butterfly

Crocheted Butterflies for Butterfly Babies

As in every death, there are survivors.

And survivors need comfort, especially when explanations just don’t explain everything.

Family members treasure little gifts given out of love and compassion, offered as a living hope that God is still present, that He is still loving them, even in the midst of deep pain.

A little butterfly can reassure them that God can handle reality.

REALITY CHECK: Years ago, I had a butterfly baby only a few weeks old in the womb.  If life is life, loss is loss.  And life is life.


Coming Soon …

  • A Crocheted Gown for a Butterfly Baby


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