Butterfly Babies of 4-H and St. Vincent’s

Butterfly Babies of 4H and St Vincent's

This week, I’d like to introduce Meri Norris Read, coordinator of the4-H and St. Vincent’s Baby Bereavement Box ministry.

Origins of a Bereavement Box Ministry

Meri writes:

This was just something I felt drawn to because my sister worked as the social worker for L & D [labor and delivery] at St.Vincent’s for many years.

When she told me about the boxes they gave to the families I thought 4H kids could collect boxes, tissues, chap stick , ornaments / mementos and photo albums or money to buy the supplies. And they could also sew the blankets.


The Growth of a Ministry

Meri writes:

It has evolved to have many different organizations helping out. Last year a Daisy Troop made us 20+ no-sew blankets. Friends, families, and businesses have donated cash so we could go buy the supplies. They have also donated other supplies to go into the boxes.


What is Your Role?

Meri writes:

Because of my schedule, I have become more the coordinator of collecting the supplies and not doing much of the sewing. BUT I see that right now that is where I am supposed to be. We all have our place in this project 🙂


Has the Bereavement Box Ministry Touched Your Life Personally?

Meri writes:

This project became even more meaningful last summer when my sister lost 2 babies. One was 14 weeks and the other was 9 weeks. She is now 31 weeks pregnant.


How Can People Help?


REALITY CHECK: This has been the toughest cause to crochet for – and to write about.  All the other causes we’ve been crocheting for …

    … are essentially about sharing life and hope.

On the surface, crocheting for Butterfly Babies may seem like the very opposites of life and hope, yet it’s truly still about sharing life and hope.

With the mama.  And with the papa. 


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