Yarn-Bomb Your Mailbox for National Postal Worker Appreciation Day July 1st

National Postal Worker Appreciation Day

Chatting online with fellow crocheters, this idea popped onto our hooks: Let’s yarn-bomb our mailboxes on July 1st for National Postal Worker Appreciation Day!

What’s Yarn Bombing?

It’s decorating an object with yarn, typically crochet or knit.

Just so’s ya knows: I do not condone yarnbombing other people’s property, whether it be city, state, federal, personal or business.

Yarnbomb your own stuff, folks!  


Before You Get Hook Happy …

These tips will help you stay legal:

  • Be sure your house number is still clearly legible.
  • Keep obstructions away from your mailbox, such as cars, shrubs, snowdrifts, or unfriendly dogs – crocheted, or otherwise.
  • Make sure the box can still be easily accessed.
  • Be kind.  This is the day to honor our mail folks, not aggravate them.  Smile
  • ONLY yarnbomb your own PERSONAL mailbox.
  • DO NOT yarnbomb your neighbor’s box or a shared box, like at an apartment complex.

National Postal Worker Appreciation Day

Read the official mail box guidelines from the United States Postal Service for the complete mailbox scoop.

For My International Readers

(Isn’t that exciting?!  I have international readers!)

Be sure to check your country’s laws regarding mail boxes and yarn bombing.

Pattern Inspiration

We all need a little yarn inspiration from time to time (daily, if at all possible Smile ), so here are a couple of places I’ve stashed ideas that could be tweaked for National Postal Worker Appreciation Day.

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