Homeschool Retirement Update: What am I Now?

Summertime as a Completed Homeschooler

Pondering Homeschool Retirement Terms

Now that several months have passed – a whole college year – I have a few thoughts about the term I apply to myself, being a mom with kids who have all graduated from our homeschooling journey.

I’m a Homeschool Vet.

Nah, too post-war-like.

Although … we had some skirmishes, a few battles, and some real temptations to go AWOL.

I’m a Homeschool Survivor.

Nah, too post-deserted-island-like.

Although … we had some thirsty moments, some jungle machete-ing forays, and some dear-gravy-grab-the-Epi-Pen rescues.

I’m a Retired Homeschooler.

That’s the term I’ve been using for nearly a year, but it’s a bit too old-age-like.

Although at times I feel old, I’m not actually old.  Or so I am told by 70-year olds.  Smile

I’m a Completed Homeschooler.

Yes, I like that.

  • My job as a homeschooling mother is complete.
  • My children have graduated from high school, completing all requirements of the home and the state.
  • My children have recently completed their first and third years of college.

That’s a lot of completing.

Hat Change

Instead of wearing the home teacher/edu-facilitator/curriculum researcher hat, now I am simply known as …

Mumsie daMum

And as a completed homeschooler, I like that.  A lot.



REALITY CHECK:  This month’s retirement update is a 3-part-er, for no otter reason than I have an Otter Update and more.


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Coming Up Tomorrow …

An Otter Update (get it, AnOtter Update? Another Update?) 🙂



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