Homeschool Retirement: An Otter Update and Homeschooled Students Home for the College Summer

KO Twiskers Tenacious

This month’s homeschool retirement update is coming in three parts.  In part one, I pondered homeschool retirement terms.  Here’s part two, with “an otter” update.  (Get it?  An otter – another – update? Smile )

An Otter Update

In otter news, Twiskers the otter, has been banished from his private bedroom, reluctantly returning it to his big brother for the summer.

He now shares a basket lid (Twiskers, not the brother) with a new-to-the-family stuffed osprey named K.O. and our precious Tenacious Bodacious, a feisty little pastel turtle purchased for a quarter at a Ronald McDonald House yard sale the day #9 happened.

What’s It Like Having a Homeschooled College Student Home for the Summer?

I actually have two of them. Smile

Man-Man: The One Returning

Man Man

I have to admit, knowing the man-man (formerly known as the man-child, and before that the boy-child) was coming home for the summer, I was a bit worried that my new-found space and sabbatical style would be well, you know, squeezed out.  Cramped, if you will.

Come to find out, the One Returning from living on campus for a year feared the same thing.

We communicated our concerns, worked out a few bugs – like office/otter space – and he got a part-time job down the road gaining life and customer service experience.  And we are finding we still have oodles to talk about, while respecting each other’s need for soul space.

Man-man + Mom-mom = Win-win

Lady-Lady: The One Who Stayed

Win Win

Speaking of Win-Win, the young lady-lady (formerly and still often known as the girlie-girl) is taking summer classes to keep ahead of the AA plan and has a part-time job as a writing lab tutor.  (Yes, I am beamin’ proud!)

The job, interestingly so, is in the same position with the same co-workers the man-man had when he was at the same college around the corner.  (Double beamin’ proud!)

On top of school and work, she is interning at Starbright World, so her world and mine meet at gentle intersections of life and art and Leverage … and of course, fun stories about the man-man, handed down from his previous co-workers.  Smile

Love of Siblings


REALITY CHECK: Even though the front door is swinging due to work schedules and summer college classes, my precious ones walk through my world on the way to theirs.  I just have to remind myself to step out of my world to join theirs when they come through.


Coming Soon—Tomorrow, in fact …

Retirement Update #3: Techno Resources for a Completed Homeschooler with Time on Her Hands and a Thirst to Keep Learning


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