Homeschool Retirement: Techno Resources

If you are a wanna-be or already-are blogger or a home/church/co-op/homeschool movie maker, you’ll want to read about these resources I discovered in my latest forays into the world of technology.

The first one will also explain some most of the changes going on around the blog. Smile  


I’ve been devouring the book, Blog Design for Dummies, written by Melissa Culbertson of Blog Clarity.

And I’ve been applying the info as quickly as my brain can absorb, my fingers can type, and my world allows.

Have you noticed anything different on the blog?

If you see anything techno-y that needs tweaking or notice something missing that could help you get around better, I’d love to hear your thoughts from an eye-level view.

And of course, if you see anything you like, we can all use a bit of encouragement from time to time.   Smile



I’ve also been learning to use the VSDC Free Video Editor to create a Children’s Church Geo-Missions video.

Did you catch the word FREEVery cool beans!

But ooooh, the freak out hours when it looked like the software glitched and was suddenly no longer compatible with my so-close-to-done-with-the-project reality.

And then ahhhhhh, the relief when their amazing software support team came to my rescue – twice!


And so … my REALITY CHECK for this post:  When life changes your plan, find another.

What are you reading or learning about?


Coming Soon …

I’m so excited about next month’s Cause to Crochet For … but I want it to be a surprise!


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