Crochet for a Cause: Next Up, Think BIG! Think HUGE!

Weeping and Rejoicing


Living in a fallen world, held together by grace, there are times to grieve – Butterfly Babies, we love you and we continue to hold your families in our hearts and prayers and on our hook – and there are times to rejoice.

The Next Cause is a Cause for Rejoicing

But … I’m not telling ‘til tomorrow!

 I will tell you this …



How big is it?


Come On, Tell Us, Pleeeeeease!

Nope!  Smile


Why won’t you tell us? 

Because …


I *will* share this much …

This cause needs YOU!

And every crocheter, knitter, seamstress, and crafter you know!

Get your hooks ready and your share button handy!


Coming Soon …

Crochet for a Cause: (You thought I’d forget and spill the beans here, didn’t ya?)  Smile


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