What I Thought I Knew and What I Learned About the USO


What I Learned About the USO

Did the ditty diaper bag give you a clue about the group we are crocheting for this month?  If you said, the United Service Organization you were right!  You might know them best by their acronymn: the USO.

Here are some things I thought about the USO and some things I learned about the USO:

I Thought …

The USO only serves troops overseas.

I Learned:

The USO does much work on the homefront, serving active military and their families, with programs in 27 states and 14 countries.

I Thought …

The USO only provided music and pretty girls to sing and dance with soldiers and sailors.

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Andrew Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 

I Learned:

My facts were based on Hollywood’s version of life.   And we all know how reliable they are.  Winking smile

Our regional USO provides No Dough Meals, outings for families, care packages, encouragement, airport respite resources, helping spouses and children stay in touch and so much more!

They also help young families – get your hooks ready! – with gifts for precious babies, most born to parents far from home and family.

I Thought …

The military provided all that the families needed.

I Learned:

I was mistaken.  Sad smile

I Thought …

This would be a small way we could touch a few families.

I Learned:

There is a big need for community members to share our love and gratitude.

Many young families,

serving in our military,

keeping us safe,

are struggling to make ends meet.

I Thought …

The USO was funded – and run – by the US Government.

I Learned:

Once again, I was mistaken.  And happy to be so! Smile

I learned the early days of the USO came about with six organizations.

Was I surprised which six! 

Here’s the history of the USOyou might just be surprised, too! 

Did Any of This Surprise You?

Did you learn anything new about the USO? I’d love to hear from you!


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It's Huge

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  1. Back in the late 60s, early 70s, I actually worked for the USO in Memphis, TV (Viet Nam was going strong back then). I even met my late husband at the USO, as he was active duty Marine. The faces the USO serves are different now, they include wives, children and even the parents of active duty…thank you so much for spotlighting this organization. They will always have my heart.

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