Homeschool Retirement: Mid-Summer Update

Retirement Update MidSummer

“Is there life past homeschooling?”  I wondered, I worried, I prayed, I prepared.  But boy, have I been surprised.


What I'm Learning

Trials don’t take a sabbatical even when completed homeschool mamas do.

What I'm Reading

I finished John’s Piper’s book,


I encourage families to read this book!

Homeschoolers: Make this a high school requirement!


I also took an eyeball stroll through Common Sense by Thomas Paine,

a must-read book for every voter, every politician.  Oh wait, that might take away the very freedom we are fighting for.


For fun, I’m swirling around a sci-fi book, recommended by my son,

called Discworld by Terry Pratchett.

I really should take some daylight hours to read it

because the humor is right at the edge of my consciousness late at night.


I’m finding love isn’t a one-way street, even though it can feel that way.

U-turns are allowed at the foot of the cross.


Have you heard about Operation Little Feet?

It’s my latest Crochet for a Cause heartbeat.

And we need knitters and seamstresses and corporations, too!


Speaking of crochet, here are a few recently posted patterns for you!

Americana Crochet Gift Bag Free Pattern

Navy Baby Ditty Diaper Bag in Shell Stitch

Crochet for a Cause Navy Baby ZigZag Bag

Navy Baby Ditty Diaper Bag in ZigZag Stitch

And this month’s featured Pinterest board:

Crochet for a Cause: American Military


REALITY CHECK: That’s a peek into bits of my reality.  I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below.  Smile


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