Operation LITTLE FEET: “Made with Love By” Tags


I made a little something for all the Operation LITTLE FEET crafters out there:  Blank “Made with Love by” Operation LITTLE FEET tags to attach to your handmade gifts.  Smile

Two Ways to Personalize the Tags:

 For Handwritten Tags

Operation LITTLE FEET_Made With Love By Sheet

Print the tag sheet, handwrite in your name/craft group

and make photocopies.


For Digitally Personalized Tags


Copy/paste a single tag image into Paint or Pixlr.

Add your name/craft group.

Then insert into a blank document, copy/pasting to fill a page.

Be sure to decrease your margin sizes to .25 

so two will fit side by side on the page.

Where Do I Send My Donations?

You can send your handmade gifts and gift bags – empty or filled – to the USO directly.

Send your donations to:

US Postal Service

Greater Jacksonville Area USO
Naval Air Station Jacksonville
Building 1050
P.O. Box 108
Jacksonville, FL 32212-0108

For UPS or Overnight Express:

Greater Jacksonville Area USO
6801 Roosevelt Blvd.
Bldg. 1050
(Left parking lot, Yorktown Ave Main Gate)
Naval Air Station
Jacksonville, FL 32212


If you are local (Jacksonville FL), you can drop them off at the USO office at NAS JAX (just off Roosevelt Blvd).

Haven’t heard of Operation LITTLE FEET?

It’s an outreach of the Greater Jacksonville USO to military families having babies! LOTSA babies!

More Info About Operation LITTLE FEET

Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond

IMPORTANT: The Operation LITTLE FEET logo and gift tag is to be used solely for the purpose of sharing gifts with military families via the USO.

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