Aproned Mom Talks Political Action

Mom Talks Political Action

I’m turning the mama-homemaker-homecrafter trend on its head this month. In between posts about causes and goodies to crochet and craft, I’m going to talk about things aproned moms aren’t usually known for talking about.

Aproned Mom Talks Political Action

Most people don’t expect a homeschool mom – or a completed homeschool mom, like me – apron-festooned, with spare aprons on a hook and a cute little red and white number hanging over my kitchen sink window serving our family as a kitchen curtain, to have much to say about politics.

Cookie-doughed Apron

In this cultural climate some expect us, if we cookie-makers* do have something to say, to say it behind the scenes, behind closed doors, behind veiled faces, behind the cookie tins on the back shelf hidden from view.

And usually that’s where I tend to speak up.

But I’m rather tired of being hushed.

Outside the cottage walls there is a pervasive “Hush … little lambs” [Sarah Palin, CPAC 2014]  mentality of the big boys of politics.

And that’s rather my point.

In fact, that is my point.

Droning Jokes and Buffalo Blood

The political climate has so deteriorated that we make jokes about being droned.

On occasion, I post on my personal Facebook wall that I have written to my political authorities and that if I get droned, at least someone will know why.

We laugh. And I’m thankful we are still in the laughing stage.

While we are laughing, our President swipes his pen across the page like so many buffalo hunters smearing blood across the plains.

Land of the Free, as of This Writing

As far as I know, as of this writing (and I write ahead), we still have the right to free speech in this country, even though:

  • We have legal battles to display American flags in home association-run neighborhoods. Say what???
  • We have to fight for the right not to fund baby deaths. Value-based spending, anyone?
  • Our singing voices our choked as the Star-Spangled Banner isn’t sung in full. Our heritage might offend our residents, you know.
  • Young families serving our country are being served free meals at the USO because our government doesn’t pay enough to feed them properly.

But we’re still free.

While We are Free: Stand and Speak

And while we are free, we need to stand up and speak up because of the importance of each of those issues:

  • displaying our national banner
  • the right to life – for all life
  • pride in our country’s heritage
  • honoring those who serve us today

… and many more.

Apron Strings and Macaroni Necklaces

We moms need to tie our apron strings a little tighter, adjust our macaroni necklaces – maybe we’ve graduated to pearls? – and speak up.

Training our Children to Speak Up and Write Up

As homeschooling moms, public school moms, private school moms, completed edu-moms, we need to train our children – and empower our young adults – to speak up, too.

And to write up.

Up, up, up the political chain of authority in our country until somebody listens.

And believe me, there are some out there with theirs ears on.

Ears On

Speaking of having our ears on, while you’re drafting your letter to your congressman, representative, and/or president, teaching your children how to address a political leader in the salutation, here’s a little ditty to listen to:

 (Email subscribers, don’t miss the video!)

The images in the background of this song are a historical narrative of our freedoms fought and won. Do your children recognize the events? Do we adults?

Without those events and the individuals who stood – and fell – during them, would you be reading this? Would I be writing this?

REALITY CHECK: I’m guessing my crochet patterns will get more “reads” than these political cook-ups. But I’m hoping I’m wrong. Why? A pretty world is good, but a pretty – and free – one is better.


Coming Soon …

Am I a Christian American? Or an American Christian?

(^^ edited Sept 2014)



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*Ooh, I need to make dairy-free No-Bake Cookies! Aw man, we’re out of oats. [pouting]

Hmmm … [now smiling]  Dairy-free Chocolate Pudding is the next best chocolaty thing!

Who says we have to give up our pudding for politics? Or vice versa?



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