Christian American or American Christian?


Christian American or American Christian

I had my pudding (and my no-bake cookies, too – yah, it was a chocolate-dependent month), but I still have a few things to say beyond the apron. Smile

Blue-Green or Green-Blue?

I like blue-green. Or is it green-blue? Does it really matter?  If we are talking about coloring pages or blog design, or sharing our favorite color, or some other artistic expression, it does matter.

So, What’s the Difference?

Blue-green is a little heavier on the green.  Green-blue has it’s root in blue-dom, green influencing its prismatic bent.

Christian Homeschooler or Homeschooling Christian?

Let’s look at terms that are more important to the grand scheme of things:  Christian Homeschooler and Homeschooling Christian.

Are the two terms interchangeable in the crayon box of life?

Back in my homeschooling days, I had to make the decision: Am I am a Christian homeschooler? Or a homeschooling Christian?

Am I more homeschooler than Christian or more Christian than homeschooler?

Where are my roots? What is my base color, so to speak?

Choosing to be a Homeschooling Christian helped me make the comparatively lesser decisions that came my way.

Although, some of those decisions were far from small.

What About Citizenship Issues?

I also have had to choose: Am I a Christian American or an American Christian?

I have responsibilities in regard to both terms, for I am both terms. But am I a Christian American?  Or am I an American Christian?

Just like crayon colors, there is a discernible difference.

Does My American Citizenship Trump My Heavenly One?

Or is it the other way around?

I choose, as a general life course, to be an American Christian.

My roots are in Christ, my citizenship in His realm by faith in His work on the cross, my obeisance to His rule – as shaky and unruly as my obedience is at times.

American Citizenship Responsibilities Rooted in Christian Conscience

Rooted in Christ, I am influenced by my American citizenship, my loyalties more firmly planted in the eternal shores – and its purposes – than the red, white and blue sandy shores of the United States of America.

As a Christian, I then, striving to maintain a good conscience, submit to the authority of my national status as an American citizen.

But with that good conscience of submission comes a consciousness of responsibility. Which I’ll talk more about next timeSmile


REALITY CHECK: I read recently – several times – that people are more afraid of Christians than they are Islamic terrorists. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

A terrorist will send souls to the Creator for judgment, rejoicing as bodies are scraped into a body bag.

Christians are lifting up the empty tomb of the Savior, who died for us, to give us life, and yet we are the feared?

Could it be, it is not we who are feared, but He who sits on the throne of heaven that is feared?

Why should we fear the ones who are afraid of Him?

Psalm 27: 1

“The LORD is my light and my salvation;
Whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the strength of my life;
Of whom shall I be afraid?”

More about being an American …

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