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Crochet for The Cause

While we’re talking about the distinction between being a Christian American and an American Christian, I’ve been making cross bookmarks for a variety of reasons.

One of the lesser motivations has been to play with fine crochet cotton and a steel hook to make the white ones above.

Here’s the pattern I used:

Bonnie’s Cross Bookmark

The Cross Marks Our Place

I added a little tassel by making an Itty Bitty Heart, then chaining 26 and attaching it to the top of the cross. (photo on Ravelry)

The heart then falls to the outside of the book, while the cross marks our place.

Hmmmm, just like real life.

God’s heart working through us falls to the outside world, while the cross holds our place in the world. Smile

Do you Ravel?

You can see a tan version, in a tiny bit heavier weight thread, with the heart bobble on Ravelry.  Add it to your queue, too!

Add Cross Bookmark Pattern to Your Ravelry Queue



REALITY CHECK: I cried to the Lord for encouragement a few weeks ago. And guess what He did? He encouraged me in an unexpected way. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t until I turned to Him for help that help came. It’s nice to know that He’s got my back.

This post has been linked to Find Your Voice Friday at Hymns and Verses.  🙂

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  1. Thank you for pattern and for speaking up for Christians and Christianity!

    • Pamela, Thank you so much for the encouragement! Sometimes, God asks us to step out alone – but then He sends others on the same path to walk with us. Nice meeting you at the cross road, His place of mercy. 🙂 He is truly a good shepherd, and I would be lost without Him. Literally.

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