American Christian Responsibility

My Responsibility as an American Christian

Continuing my foray into subjects less-aprony than usual, today I’d like to talk about responsibility beyond the cottage walls.

If you missed the Blue-Green post (the background to today’s post), you’ll want to read that one, too. Smile

We can enjoy eternal and temporal rights gifts – both bought at great price – while we employ our eternal and temporal responsibilities.

Living as an American Christian

Knowing who we are helps make lesser decisions less messy.

Cross Flag and Pen

In other words, clarity of who we are can clarify what we do.

Acting on our identity, however, is not always the least difficult choice.

Which is why, I’m learning, we must depend so fully on the grace of God.

Responsibility as a Christian

Thinking of the term American Christian like a crayon would think (if a crayon could think Smile ) of blue-greenness, my core is Christian and my national influence is American.

Therefore, one of my greatest responsibilities is to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

We are to bring the message of reconciliation to sinful man – as it was once brought to us – from a perfect, holy, loving, just God.

That message of reconciliation is engraved like eternal graffiti on the hands of Jesus, Son of God, Son of Man, nailed to a cross for our wrong doing, risen from the dead giving us hope and a future with Him.***


Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people who read that last sentence:

  • Those who believe it.
  • Those who don’t.

Like male and female, there is no other. Smile

Responsibility as an American

I also have responsibilities as an American citizen.

One of which is to exercise my freedom of speech.


We need to take our freedoms seriously and not hand them away to every political-Joe (or political-Jo) that demands a say in our say or a peck from our pockets.

Need Some National Inspiration?

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Need Some Eternal Inspiration?

You won’t want to miss these either – truth is so comforting!


REALITY CHECK: I’ve been mulling Psalm 27 and let’s just say, it’s been coming in mighty handy.  Smile

***If you don’t want to spend an eternity with God, thinking you would be happier without Him, chances are you don’t know what He is really like. Please, don’t listen to the rumors. Read His book.

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