Crochet for a Cause: Patriotic Star Ditty Diaper Bag


Patriotic Star Ditty Diaper Bag

One more Ditty Diaper Bag for a USO baby before we switch gears and begin again to put our hooks to a more world-ly Word-y cause next week, when our countdown begins anew!

(That’s a hint for those who have been at my place for awhile. Smile )

Patriotic Star Ditty Diaper Bag.

It’s really such a little pattern, I’m not even going to write out the full details. But feel free to ask questions if something isn’t clear.  Smile

A) Ch 26 (or so).

B) Work in the oval, using all sc, all hdc, all dc, shells, whatever you’d like, until the bag is as deep as you want it.

B.5) Make holes for the drawstring: Ch 4, skip a stitch, dc in next st.  [Ch 1, dc in next st.]  Repeat around. Join with sl st. Fasten off.

C) Make a Patriotic Star.

D) Attach star to your gift bag. I used an over-the-edge stitch, giving it a folksy feel.

E) Chain a herd – about 20+ inches.  Weave in and out of top holes of bag made in step B.5.

That’s it!


To see another version – which I think came out better – check out the Patriotic Star Ditty Diaper Bag project on Ravelry.

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REALITY CHECK: I got bummed. Really un-bouncy bummed. Then God came and lifted my soul to Him. Then He lifted my soul to others. Then with our Father God in the midst, we found Him loving His girls together, come fear of hell’s fury or high water. Red heart (Remind me of that, if this tropical storm goes hurricane. Winking smile )


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