From the Kitchen Cabinets of My Mind: Politics and Pudding


“Stay-at-Home Woman, you should be seen and not heard.” Well, move over, Bub, this mama’s talkin’:



Thoughts From the Kitchen Cabinets of My Mind

I store allergy-free foods in my kitchen cabinets, keeping the critters that impose potential death sentences on my offspring at bay, as best I can.

In the figurative kitchen cabinets of my soul – sometimes filled compactly, sometimes loosely – I store a different kind of food.  Brain food.

And although my hospitality skills are still in development, I’d like to share a mind meal with you.

At this meal, I’ll …

  • Start out with a bang
  • Progress to a wave
  • Share a recipe
  • And end (well, nearly end) with an imperative sentence

The Bang: Humanistic Fervor with a Stolen Rod

As Christians, in our madness and the confusion it creates for earthly power, I wonder, have we misplaced the assignment we’ve been given from our Eternal Commander in Chief, the King of Kings?

I don’t refer to earthly responsibility. I mean power in the sense of control – ultimate control.

In other words

Have we laid down the hope of heaven on the shifting sands of a quest for an earthly kingdom?

Are we attempting to rule by rod and staff – grabbed from the Shepherd Himself – in a fit of humanistic fervor?

Or are we using our responsibilities, our freedoms to bring about change that leads people to Christ, not away from Him?


The Wave: Which Flag?

On the other side of the crayon wrapper hyphen, as Americans, have we relinquished our earthly gifts, our American rights – and responsibilities – holding aloft a white flag of surrender where a red, white and blue one of strength and humility should wave?

Are we speaking up for our freedoms, while we respect the freedoms of others –without caving to pressure to validate them – knowing that one day the earthly world will come face to face with the heavenly one and we will be held to account?


A Recipe: Pudding with a Side of Politics (or vice versa)

As Moms, have we retreated into the kitchen to make proverbial (or literal) pudding, quietly steaming by the stove, giving up political action, leaving it to the Big Boys?


Have we given up politics for pudding?


The Imperative: What are We to Do?

In a nutshell meme, we can …

Pick Up the Cross, Flag and Pen_thumb[1]

And the spoon!  Don’t forget the pudding spoon!

Pick Up the Cross, Flag, Pen and the Pudding Spoon

Will you join me for some pudding and politics?

Did you miss something?

More about speaking up …

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