10! Operation Christmas Child 2014 Countdown Begins!

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Operation Christmas Child 10

Last week, I shared a Patriotic Star Ditty Bag pattern and mentioned a world-ly Word-y cause would soon begin a countdown.

This particular cause goes around the world (making it world-ly) and is packed with love and the Word of God (making it word-y). 🙂

What is it?  It’s Operation Christmas ChildAnd it’s …

Time for Love to Get Its Box On!

It's Time for Love to Get Its Box On_Operation Christmas Child

If you poured your heart into a box for safe-keeping, not necessarily for sharing, what would be in it?

Mine would have an assortment of items:

  • A variety of deep thoughts and precious moments
  • A scattering of the whimsical and adventurous
  • A few remnants of battlefield wounds
  • Several skeins of tangled yarns
  • A mass of cerebral clutter
  • A necessary bit of practicality
  • And a kitchen spoon

A Kitchen Spoon? In Your Heart?

I only assume there’s a spoon because everything sure gets stirred around in there.

Kitchen Spoon


Time and a Tea Strainer

We get stirred up because we all experience the hot waters of the fallen world.  (And I thought I was alone!)

In those heated waters, our heart’s desire is to brew until just the right temperature, pouring our lives out warmly and comfortingly.

Sometimes though, we rush that process and pour out too-hot water, burning those we are trying to serve. Sad smile

Or I fear (I’ll speak for myself) I let my thoughts cool too much, becoming lukewarm, good for nothing (confirming what I often heard growing up).

In Tune With the Tea Maker

When I am in tune with the Tea Maker, the tea leaves of life leave their best flavor and I have the patience to let the water cool off just a bit, but not too much. And then it’s time to serve.

Even if I pour carefully, however, sometimes the dregs of water-logged memories slip by.

I truly want to share just the aroma of and a taste for God’s love, leaving the senses desiring more of Him.

So, I need a tea strainer.

The Perfect Strainer for Shoebox Shopping

1 Corinthians 13 is a perfectly-sized-mesh strainer between heart, head, and hand.

It’s begins: love is patient, love is kind.

And isn’t that what Operation Christmas Child is all about? Love?

So let’s gather our tea leaves of life’s realities, heat a kettle of the water of the Word, and brew a pot of shoebox love. Smile 

Shoeboxes_Love 'em Up and Ship 'em Out

 Next week, I’ll share how the strainer of 1 Corinthians 13 can be used in a quite practical shoeboxin’ manner.


REALITY CHECK: I’ve been thinking tea lately (can you tell?). Two sweet friends, young ladies with hearts for God and the kindest of souls  – and a love for all things Dr. Who – shared their love of tea with me recently. I have since become Manuchurian Candidated. Every time I read or hear the word “tea” I have a sudden desire to put the kettle on.  Which reminds me … I have some new Earl Gray to try!  🙂


More About Operation Christmas Child

Coming Soon …


This post contains affiliate links.

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