Blog Bizarrities

Hi Everyone,

I just need to pop in tonight and apologize for any (all!) my technical blog bizarrities of the last two weeks. Due to a medical situation, I have been making several posting mistakes, linking oops, and oh-man-I-forgot-to-do-thats.

I’m so sorry for any (all!) the confusion my techno ughs may have caused you.  Thank you for sticking with me!


Love ‘n’ life ‘n’ little mistakes that make for arghy moments,



And now … back to the Operation Christmas Child 2014 Countdown, the way it should be!  🙂

If you see any errors I haven’t caught, please do let me know. I think I caught them all, but then again I thought I didn’t make them to begin with.  😉

Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?