Water for Life: A Project of Bread for Life

Water for Life T-shirt Artwork

While we’re packing shoeboxes of love, Cameroonians are hauling water.

Bread for Life International is a ministry reaching hearts and souls with the Word of God, while nourishing the bodies of those souls by teaching skills of agriculture and clean water collection.

They recently had an art contest on their Facebook page. The winner’s  design would be featured on t-shirts for a fundraiser. Since our pastor and friends have *actually been* to Cameroon with Bread for Life, I knew they were the real deal.

Water for Life Project T-shirt

As a dabbler in all things artsy, I put my hand to the cyberpen and came up with a drill just about to reach water:

Drill Deep Change a Life by Suzanne Broadhurst

A young lady named Annalee designed a pump:

Water Pump by Annalee

The contest coordinator, Roxanne Cheek, announced us as 1st and 2nd place winners – with prizes!

[pause for happy dance and pic of the prize]

Cameroonian Malachite Necklace


She asked if I would be willing to tweak the artwork adding the pump to the drill. Sure, that would be fun!

Change a Life with WaterPump and Drill

At a sweet lunch together, Roxanne had the Yes-that-what-it-needs! idea of including the outline of Africa. Having recently fallen in love with vectors, I happily added a calligraphy-styled continent:

Africa with Lines and Color and Drill and Pump

With a few more color tweaks and the final eye of the t-shirt-making lady, Sarah at American Screen Print, we had a final-final-final design:

Water for Life T-shirt Artwork

And then .. with Roxanne at the drum set … the shirts were made in real life!

Water for Life Project T-shirt

And they are now available for sale!

Proceeds fund the Water for Life Project in Cameroon, Africa.

Water for Life Project T-shirts Available

What’s the fuss, Gus?

All the excitement isn’t about the t-shirt (although that is exciting!) Or about the prize (although it’s beautiful!) Or the opportunity to do something useful when the kids grow up.

It’s About Water

To drink, to bathe in, to grow crops. To be healthy. To be alive.

Making this shirt was a labor of love by many for many hours, but it was a drop in the bucket in comparison to what our Cameroonian family goes through just to get a sip of water, a cool splash of water on their face, a bite to eat.

We honor their toil by wearing this shirt.

And we can lighten their burden by helping them build a well.

The Sizes

T-shirts come in small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large.

The Price

If every cup of water were $1, these shirts would be only 20 cups.

That’s only $20 per shirt, plus $5 shipping (USA).

“I Want One!”

Yay!  Thank you!

Just pop over to the Bread for Life Facebook page and order one from Roxanne!  Smile


REALITY CHECK: Designing a t-shirt was a great diversion from the realities of life. Reality diverting reality: I like that.



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