Seven! Op Christmas Child Countdown: A Skit of Cans and Don’ts

Countdown 7


Caaaans and Dooooon’ts!  Get your Cans and Don’ts!

Imagine: You are at a baseball game. The score is tied and you are hungry.

You see the hawker two sections away, but can’t quite make out her words. You are hoping for a hot dog.

You hear a second hawker approaching from the other side: Caaaans and Don’ts!  Red hot Cans and Don’ts!

Cans and Don'ts

It’s not what you had in mind, but you are hungry, so you listen for the details.

FIRST HAWKER: We’ve got Operation Christmas Child Cans and Don’ts right here!

SECOND HAWKER:  You CAN pack a cardboard shoebox!

FIRST HAWKER:  And you CAN pack a similarly sized plastic shoebox!

SECOND HAWKER:  You CAN wrap the box and lid separately!

Wait a minute! That hawker isn’t selling food; she’s offering information! And it sounds mighty important!

You fill a shoebox. Your hunger is abated. You didn’t want a hot dog after all. You wanted to share God’s love. In a shoebox.  Smile

You Can Be a Hawker, Too!

Do you want to turn someone’s attention from a ball game to a shoebox?

I wrote the skit you just heard, Cans and Don’ts so my daughter and I could perform it at our church for Operation Christmas Child.

FREE SKIT Cans and Don'ts

Feel free to:

  • Print the skit.*
  • Practice it a bit (we taped the scripts inside our shoeboxes for on-stage reference).
  • Perform it in your church, group or place of business.

*Please do not remove the copyright information or claim the skit as your own writing creation.


Cans and Don'ts Skit for OCC_Complete Audio

Film It!

If you have a video camera handy, film your presentation (giving proper script-writer credit) and send me a link. It may be featured in a future Operation Christmas Child post!

Cans and Don’ts! Caaaans and Don’ts!

Get your red hot Cans and Don’ts!



REALITY CHECK: One day my daughter won’t be around for skit-ing with her mumsie. But I have a plan for that, too.  Can anyone say, Skype Skit?  Smile


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