Sneak Pictorial Peek into Piggin’ & Peddlin’ Crochet Wares

Sneak Peek_Piggin' & Peddlin'

Here’s that sneak peek I promised! A peek into my crochet bag for Piggin’ & Peddlin’, the BBQ and craft fair that benefits missions around the world.

Meet Turquoise!

Before I show you the goodies for the peddlin’, I’d like you to meet my new piggy friend …

Meet Turquoise_Bread for Life Mascot

First Out of the Bag, A Variety of Dishcloths

First out of my peddlin’ bag, a variety of dishcloths:

Variety of Dishcloths

Patterns for these are many and not always a dishcloth recipe. I used cotton yarn of one brand or another for all them.

Let’s see how many patterns I can remember:

  • Seashell (I came up with this one on the hook as I went along)
  • Simple (or Easy or Beginner or some such word) Dishcloth (I looked all over for the particular pattern I like, but spent more time looking than it would have taken me to tell you how I did it!  Basically, it’s a *sc, ch 1* repeat on all rows. On 2nd and following rows, place your sc in the ch-1 spaces. If you know where the pattern is online, please do let me know.)

Then Market Bags Dominated my Hook

A Variety of Market Bags

I found myself in a market bag making craze!

Here are my two three favorite market bag recipes:

Some bags I combined features from different patterns to make my own favorite blend.

Oh, and here’s the Ladybug Applique  (I adapted the head so I could make it in one piece, except for the spots).

If you head over to Ravelry to find these projects, stop by and say hi!Smile

And Finally These Little Cuties

A Variety of Boutique Bags

This little craft fair fav is the Granny to Girls Boutique Bag in a variety of colors and textures.

And a message from Turquoise, himself:

Are You a Crocheter Needing Craft Fair Inspiration?

Visit my Pinterest board, Crochet for a Cause: Bread for Life Craft Fair.

You’ll find a link to the pattern I used to make Turquoise there, too!

See ya at Piggin’ & Peddlin’


REALITY CHECK: I’ve been working on a lot of posts all at once, both to make up for lost time and to get ahead of time speeding toward me. It’s not that I have anyone or anything breathing down my neck to get it done, but after 20 years of enforcing homeschool project deadlines it’s kind of in my blood.


* I’m not sure which colors will be for sale at Piggin’ & Peddlin’ and which ones will go in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. It got a little wibbley wobbley in the sorting process.  So it’ll be a surprise when we get there!

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