Crocheters and Knitters: Love Brings Us Together

Crochet & Knit_Love Brings Us Together

Have you noticed a softening of hearts between knitters and crocheters? I’m happy for it. Now I don’t have to hate* the knitter; I can learn from her. 🙂

Not that I had to hate* the needle user before, it was just more socially acceptable to do so when among hookers.  (OOoh, that last sentence – yikes – well, you know what I mean.)

While we are counting down on Tuesdays toward Operation Christmas Child’s Shoebox Collection Week, I thought I’d take a few Thursdays to tell you about a group of ladies I met up with over a few skeins of yarn and a bunch of little feet.

Meet Love Snuggles

Love Snuggles is a local gathering of ladies of both the knitting and the crocheting – and sewing, don’t forget sewing! – persuasion.

Sometimes, two out of three skills are found in the same project:

Yarn Harmony_Knit & Crochet

What is their passion?

Talking with Kathy & Mark, whose pic you saw in an earlier post, Love Snuggles exists to share the love of God in Christ with those in need, in turmoil, in celebration or in loss.

Wherever a hook – or needle – can reach a heart, Love Snuggles wants to be.

One of their larger causes is one that keeps my figurative heart beating (and has been instrumental in keeping my daughter’s heart literally beating): Ronald McDonald House.

They’ve also joined up with Operation LITTLE FEET, bringing a little special something to military families having babies!

What do they make?

From the huge bag of baby goodies they donated to Operation Little Feet, it looks like they make it all!

Here’s just a wee sampling of their handiwork:

 Love Snuggles

What is their story?

Come back next week for a special peek into the heart of Love Snuggles via a yarn about a bolt of fabric, an inspiring tale written by a gen-u-ine Love Snuggler.


REALITY CHECK: To avoid being droned, I must clarify: *Hate is used as a verb of anti-commonality rather than a verb of actual hate. Now that I own – and occasionally use – a set of knitting needles, I wonder if I had stayed in my one-yarn-craft mode of thinking, would I have turned to self-hatred, a state of anti-commonality with myself?  Oooh, this is getting too complex. I’m pulling out my hook and yarn!


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