Five! Op Christmas Child Countdown: Crochet for a Cause

Countdown 5

Making gifts for our shoeboxes not only adds a bit of handmade beauty to a child’s home …


it’s also cost-effective when your heart stretches further than your budget.

This little blanket took way less than a skein of yarn. And it works up very quickly in doll size.

Baby Doll First Blanket


I used this pattern, Baby Doll’s First Blanket, starting with CH 51 to make it doll-size.

Add a little butterfly and a gift bag and you have a coordinating set of love!

Baby Doll Gift Set

I was able to make two sets in one evening, while watching Star Trek reruns. Smile

Christmas Baby Doll Gift Set

Ravel on Ravelry

Are you on Ravelry? Add the little doll blanket to your queue for this year’s shoeboxes – and next’s. Smile




REALITY CHECK: I asked my daughter if it was appropriate to include butterflies in shoeboxes because I make them for Butterfly Babies. She (wisely) said, “Mom, they are butterflies. They can be used for one than more cause.”  Ah yes, there I go again, attaching deep meaning to simple things. Butterflies are butterflies.

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