Story of Love Snuggles

We interrupt Suzanne’s regularly scheduled end-of-the-month retirement post schedule for this special service announcement:

A Love Snuggle Quilt

I recently met Kathy and Mark, a fantastic retired military couple, representing lots of ladies of many talents in a crafting group called Love Snuggles.

One of the ladies in the group wrote a story about a bolt of fabric.

With the author’s gracious permission* to share her imaginative story, here is:

Love Snuggles Quilt: From the Beginning



And here is the HUGE bag of baby goodies Love Snuggles donated to Operation LITTLE FEET!

Love Snuggles Fruit

They packaged each set in a zipper bag and attached a Love Snuggles tag.

Love in a Zip Bag

So much love in so many colors!

Love from Love Snuggles

Where civilian meets military.

Where politics go on hold.

Love at the cross.


Would you like to join our efforts in blessing USO babies?



*Permission was given to share A Love Snuggle Quilt: From the Beginning on this website only. If you would like to share the story, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the author or her representative. In the meantime, feel free to send folks here to read it. It’s not about them coming to me, it’s about being faithful to the author. Thank you!

REALITY CHECK: I woke up this morning thinking of all the things I wanted to do, then I saw some things I could do on Ravelry. Guess what I did first?  Winking smile

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