What God Did After I Met Love Snuggles

Mark and Kathy  from Love Snuggles

As my husband drove me home from our Operation Little Feet meet-up with Mark and Kathy, I thought about all that God had done in the lives and crafts of the Love Snuggles group.

And it dawned on me, I usually had only one yarn prayer (two, if you count: Help me get this yarn untangled, please!):

Father God, please give me favor with my husband because I need a ride to the craft store, so I can buy more yarn.

And not once have God nor my husband said, “No.”   Smile

A Prayer-adigm Shift

But Kathy and her friends have prayed for yarn.

Not just for a ride to buy yarn, but for the yarn itself.

So, on the way home from Arby’s, I prayed (quietly, silently-ish) in the car:

Father God, I’m sorry I haven’t trusted You enough to ask for yarn.

Jesus made the way for me to come into your throne room and said I could ask, so:

I ask You for yarn for Operation Little Feet, Operation Christmas Child, Butterfly Babies and all the other places that are on my heart to crochet for.

Thank you for forgiving me and reminding me how big You are.

Later that Night …

I popped on Facebook.  A message from a friend: Would you like some yarn?

WOW! That was quick! I didn’t even tell my husband about my prayer!

I thanked my Father God and I responded in the chat window – “Yes, please! That’s an answer to prayer!”

I thought a few skeins were on their way and I was rejoicing in the Lord for His amazingness!

A Couple of Days Later …

Kris knocked on my door – not with a skein or two (which would have been lovely!) but with a large BAG of yarn! I started to greet her gasping at her generosity when she said, “Just a minute,” and walked back to her car.

Onto my cottage porch came more bags of yarn!

Bags and Bags of Yarn!

Look What God Did

That’s what God did after one simple prayer of dependence!

But that Wasn’t All …

Another real life friend, Susan, and my Butterfly Baby cyber-friend, Merri, and I had planned a (much needed!) Girls Night Out at a local café.

When they arrived at the house, guess what they had in hand!

More Yarn

God is more than enough!

When we are satisfied in Him, He gives us more.

If that weren't enough

Even more!

Some Questions Go Unanswered

In my rejoicing, I admit, I’ve pondered:

Why did He answer my prayer for yarn so quickly, when prayers for things I see as much more important go unanswered?

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

But He is trustworthy.

He knows all of our needs and He listens to them one by one, choosing which to answer when.

Kind of like a kid’s Christmas list, isn’t it?

REALITY CHECK: Oh, and to top it off, there were a few skeins of yarn that I had specifically asked Him over the years if I could try just once in my lifetime – like alpaca! I guess that makes three kinds of yarn prayers, doesn’t it?  Smile


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