Three! Operation Christmas Child Countdown: Sending Messages

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QUICK TIP: Love ‘em on paper by including a personal note and a coloring book (scroll down for FREE printable coloring books).


The Cross

A Message from a Village Grandma

I was recently asked by Samaritan’s Purse:

What makes your shoebox gift personal? What message are you trying to send through your gift?

I’d like children receiving shoeboxes to know they are loved in Christ, by someone who – like a faraway grandma – may have never met them, yet loves them oh so much.

The Love You Share

And I want them to know our Father in heaven loved us first. And loves us forever.

His love reaches past time, space, oceans, savannahs and steppes to their very village, to their very homes, to their very hearts.

He will be their Father forever when they receive Jesus’ gift of salvation, given not as a gift from a crochet hook, but as a gift of forgiveness on a cross.

“Village Grandmother, I Like That”

My 19-year old was sorting shoebox goodies with me this year, and she noticed I made a lot of crocheted gifts again.

“Mumsie, if all our boxes go to the same place – it seems like they have in the past – just think of all the children in the same village who will have something handmade by you.  You are like a village grandmother!”

A Village Grandmother, I like that.  Smile

I Called Her Granny

My granny crocheted, too. Never with a pattern. Always with fine crochet cotton.

Her queen-sized bedspreads in cotton Ecru (in the background of the photo below) and her intricate, colorful doilies flavor my cottage home with her love.

Be a Village Grandma

She wasn’t a huggy, smooshy grandma, but she loved me through her crochet hook. And letting me put as much soy sauce on my rice as I wanted to!

No Soy Sauce for Shoeboxes

We can’t send soy sauce in our shoeboxes, but we can let children know we care – like my grandma did. With a crochet hook.

Playtime Baby Doll

Make Goodies

What kind of goodies can a faraway grandma make for children she’s never met?

Tea Party Set


Print Coloring Books

My Daddy used to make me Squiggles when he worked far away. Partial drawings, he would send them to me to finish. And then we would look at them together when he got home.

My Mom and I used to color together. She taught me I could use more than one color in a space – something they didn’t let us do at school.

Love + Love = Coloring Books

Combining my loves – and good memories – of drawing and coloring, I made coloring books to tuck into my shoeboxes.

Here’s the newest coloring book on the block, designed with older children in mind:


Free Printable_Op Chr Child Coloring Book of Crosses

And this one, I made last year for the littles and middles:

Free Printable Coloring Book for Operation Christmas Child


They are free for you to print out for your shoeboxes. Just click the images for the .pdf files.

Half-sizes available here.

Memories making memories making memories …

What memories are you sharing with children in their shoeboxes?


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