Update from a Completed Homeschool Mom (AKA Retirement Update)

Year of Whimsy to a Year of Overwhelmedness

Last month, there was so much to share I skipped my usual retirement update. So this one includes bits of both months’ cottage-front news:


Many thanks to Michael Hyatt,

I’ve been learning how to use EverNote

to keep up with …

pretty much everything:




I’m learning more and more

of the depths of God’s love

and it’s effects:

  • On decision-making
  • On social media
  • On shoeboxing
  • On home life
  • On healing


Using Evernote as my organized scratch pad

to think through my

thoughts, plans, prayers, hopes and wishes

for the next school year,

(once a homeschool planner, always a homeschool planner, even if I’m the only student left Smile)

I discovered:

Year of Whimsy to a Year of Overwhelmedness

So I had to make a decision:

Do I want another Year of Whimsy?

Or do I want to focus?


I chose focus.

But I can’t seem to focus on just one thing – so I chose three things.

Well, three three’s, to be more precise. Smile

(more to come later)

Have you thought of what you are focusing on this school year? For your students – or for yourself?

What are your Top Threes?

What I'm Reading

“Go Ask Alice.”

A first-person anonymous diary of a teenage girl, who is introduced to the drug culture and struggles to get out.

It’s not a book for kids.

It’s barely a book for adults.

But it’s a book for reality.

And after such heavy reading,

I had to have some fun –

with math:

Doodle Yourself Smart … Math.

It. Was. Awesome!


When you crochet a doll, attaching parts to parts, stuffing bits and more bits, sticking a needle in an eye, or weaving hair strands to a skull cap, you get an appreciation for two things:

Psalm 139:13

You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb



whether they work on humans or animals.

Eww, I could never do what they do. Yarn skin and poly guts are enough for me!

With those two thoughts, I’ll leave you with these three cuties:

Crochet for a Cause_Three Dolls

REALITY CHECK:  Some days I am ready to fly away and leave this ol’ fallen world. Other days, I want an extra life to do – to learn, to create – so many things that roll across my path. The reality lies somewhere in the middle.


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